In the beginning, the land was one. This was Gigos.

But many Suuns ago, a mighty battle took place that was so cataclysmic it ruptured the land, separating the landmasses and sending them sprawling out and away from each other.
This was The Marring, and the ocean, now black with blood of the evil God slain in that battle, is the Mar. 

Here, on the landmass of Fidua, no one dares set sail on the Mar. It has not been kind in the past to sea-farers. Settled into a life of isolationism, many were content to live alone there in peace.

Until one day, a great, monstrous titan arose from the Forever Lake, a seemingly impossible feat. It rampaged over the land and brought so much devastation to the people and the land. 
It is now only known as The Great Ruinbringer.
No one knows what it was or why it came, but even after the long battle that brought it low, it continued to spawn horrors in the form of monsters that plagued Fidua for years. But even that was over a hundred years ago…

Now, new invaders threaten Fidua and the sole-surviving city of Bluehome.
A group of adventurers must fight back against these mysterious forces, discover the mystery behind what brought them here, and strike back against the looming forces of evil that stir from the Mar.

The Shattered Worlds of Spanth

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